Hearts of worship and songs of worship for our Creator, God, Saviour, & Redeemer: Jesus|Yeshua the Messiah. 


We travel to churches to lead songs of worship and encourage the Church. 

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One Way Lane is a husband & wife music duo who sing, record, and write songs of life as followers of Jesus|Yeshua.  

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What Others Say

Our daily prayer is that we will be blessing to Jesus’ church. These kind words from pastors are evidence that YHWH is answering that prayer.

“They have a ministry that goes beyond concerts… They have ministered to every age group in the church… They will be a huge blessing for your church.”

Pastor Brad Gill

They led worship, gave our team a break. Also, they ministered through music to people and then told stories kind of around it, which was fantastic. Matt even had a word for our congregation that was just from the Lord, and it was a really healthy and really just a fantastic weekend with them.

Pastor Peter Degon

All days are special in God’s house but today WOW! The Worship with our friends Matt and Ericka Corban was amazing. Their merger of traditional Christmas songs with modern worship songs was so unique and anointed. It felt as though they ushered us into the very presence of God.

Pastor Jerry Oakes

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